Frequently Asked Questions

Many people are new to the firewood game, and even the old hands have questions. These are some of the most frequent question we get asked and hopefully an reply that help you. If it does not then please contact us and we are always happy to help you get the right answers.

Most of the time, YES...we try to be flexible and accessible.  During our very busy times, we may put a stop to yard pick ups for a week or is NOT because  we have low wood supply, it's because Pete runs out of daylight hours to cut/process the wood. 

SO:  CALL AHEAD and we can set something up or let you know the current situation...

Some people come up for $20 campfire wood and others fill a large pay only for what you get...we are fair, honest and flexible...


The spring is the BEST time to order your firewood.  However, we have the option of the premium firewood if you need dry wood even in the wet winter months.

In the winter months, Our full mix is also good but not guaranteed dry in every piece...just due to the season...Nonetheless, most people are happy with the fullmix, just needs to be stacked properly.

The wood is kept in log form, cut directly into the truck on delivery day and hence if it is raining, the outside of the wood will be wet.  Nonetheless, with seasoned wood this is not a concern.

If you absolutely must have 100% bone dry wood, remember, SPRING is the only guarantee. 

Our premium firewood is kept dry (not kiln dried).  It is generally maple and alder or birch and covered/protected  when the elements set in during fall/winter times. It generally is smaller in size than our full mix and all hard wood.

The full mix is generally an equal mix of soft wood and hard wood;  depends what is the best firewood in the yard. 

Often it is fir, hemlock, maple and alder...

No, you do not have to be home to receive a delivery…’no need to wait around for the firewood guy’…may we suggest that you leave out a tarp, tape a cheque on the door or pay in advance via secure interac email.

All our wood is split into sizes that most standard wood burning stoves can accommodate. And we can customer cut wood to a particular size if that is required. You may get the odd piece of oversize wood in a batch but these should be at a minimum.

We delivery to all areas of the Sea to Sky corridor from Whistler thru Squamish and into Vancouver. We also deliver out to Bowen Island. If your in the area then contact us and we will confirm when and how we can deliver.
You can check out all our delivery areas on our map.

How big is a cord? How long might it last

A true cord as measured by Measurement Canada is 128cubic feet (to stack it this would look like a pile 4 ft high, 4ft deep and 8 feet long), our cords range from 115-140 cubic feet.